Google today announced yet another addition, called Latitude, to its mobile maps service. Latitude enables you to share your location with your friends, and see where your friends are (or at least where they want you to “think” they are). Through Latitude, you are able to connect with friends by sending them a text, chatting via Google talk or even getting directions to your friend’s location. It works on any phone that can run Google Maps My Location.

You can bet that this new app is going to be used for strategic integrated promotions and contest by interactive strategist soon enough. The ability to manually set and capture location data will not only complement interactive promotions, but more importantly will allow advertisers to interact with consumers at the point of purchase.

However, can you imagine how annoying it will be as you get bombarded by solicited ads and coupons by dozens of stores while you’re walking through the mall. It’s kind of like the hostesses in front of restaurant’s in Lincoln Road that practically drag you to a menu. In the end, you may end up pissing people off more than anything else.