As a television and radio advertising executive for the past ten years, I can personally attest to the importance of diversifying your marketing strategy to meet your changing needs. Nowadays, it’s even more important to utilize the most effective media platforms to meet your needs and budgets.

The most important element of a good campaign is to understand what it is that makes your business different or your competitive advantage. The purpose of this exercise is to remove the BS out of the way and truly figure out “Why do your customers buy from you?” Once you take this huge and at times epiphanic step, it’s all about positioning your message through the right platforms.
Gone are the days of simply investing thousands on one dimensional campaigns. Enrich your campaigns with multi cross-platform marketing which includes on-line SEO, Social Media, Monitoring, on-air and email marketing. More importantly, now more than ever, once you and your account executive have set the expectations, hold them accountable to meet those expectations!

Be open and honest, set realistic expectations and R(E)volt your Marketing in 2009!

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